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Mar 13, 2007 | Posted in News & Updates

School Charity Concert Event in support of the Wildwood School

Tommy Thayer, Stewart Copeland, Steven Stills and Gene Simmons

By Gene Simmons

I was proud to be a part of a School Charity Concert Event in support of the Wildwood School. The funds raised, went to inner city kids to give them a chance at a better education.

I was handed the job of putting some of the talent together. TOMMY THAYER immediately said yes. STEWART COPELAND, who was in the midst of the upcoming POLICE rehearsals likewise committed. And, STEVEN STILLS, he of BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, MANASSAS, and of course CROSBY STILLS & NASH joined the fun . I ran into blues legend SOLOMON BURKE at another event, and only had to ask once if he'd help. He didn't hesitate.

REBA MACCINTIRE, TRACY ULLMAN, and other terrific talent also joined in on the fun.

Everyone did a set, Stewart Copeland played with Steven Stills' band. Steven's daughter and son played in his band. .

And then, Tommy and I (with Darren and Fran) played DEUCE and DR. LOVE.

What happened next can only be described as "hold on to your seat belts. It's gonna get bumpy".... I introduced the powerfulNICK TWEED SIMMONS, then SOLOMON BURKE, STEVEN STILLS and STEWART COPELAND... and we all jammed!!!

First, we did a boogie blues jam in A. Solomon yelled out the riff, we immediately copied it and went off. We came up for air about 10 minutes later to huge applause.

And then, the highlight of the evening. The School Jazz Band (all 15 of them, with their guitars, keyboards, basses and drums) ran out on stage and the entire ensemble played, jammed and soloed with the Doors' ROADHOUSE BLUES, -- NICK and SOLOMON BURKE trading lead vocals.

We filmed the event for our GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS.

A night to remember.