From the Road Report: THE TOUR Rolls Into Pittsburgh, PA

Sep 04, 2012 | Posted in News & Updates

By Eric Martin of Tommy Thayer Online

THE TOUR: KISS/Motley Crue in Pittsburgh, PA PHOTO BY: Eric Martin/Tommy Thayer Online

Labor Day weekend at the First Niagara Pavilion. What better way to wind down a record-blazing, hot summer than THE TOUR: KISS/Motley Crüe concert!

The "God of Thunder" himself, must have worked a deal with Mother Nature — 'cuz we lucked out! NO THUNDERSTORMS that were originally in the day's forecast. But it wouldn't have mattered... KISS fans are hardcore. Not even hell-on-earth would have stopped them from witnessing the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!

Fans everywhere were tailgating while awaiting the gates to open. I took a walk around to scout for photo ops for our website fan galleries. When the venue gave the green light, the masses began to filter inside. Shortly thereafter, THE TREATMENT took the stage. The night was officially underway.

Tommy Thayer of KISS, 2012

PHOTO BY: Eric Martin/Tommy Thayer Online

Tommy Thayer of KISS, 2012

PHOTO BY: Eric Martin/Tommy Thayer Online

Meet and Greets with KISS had already been taking place behind the scenes — with everything well orchestrated to ensure the band had ample time to get into makeup and garb for on-time delivery of their full set.

Eric Martin of Tommy Thayer Online

Top: Eric Martin and Tommy, Below: Heading out to the crowd! photo courtesy of D. Strobel

As I walked out into the lawn seating area and throughout the pavilion, I found myself plenty of KISS ARMY volunteers. Everyone loves to have their 15 minutes of fame, right? Some in full makeup, others simply sporting their favorite band swag. Some attending as a new, family tradition — others long-time groups of friends getting together for the common cause. All very cool.

SHOWTIME! The sudden roar of cheers behind me is the indicator that Crue is about to take stage. I finish up talking with a group of fans, take their picture and make my way backstage to catch up with Tommy (now in makeup) for a few minutes, as KISS wraps up photos with VIP guests.

KISS Manager, Doc (McGhee) watching the clock, gives the signal and KISS heads toward the stage for their grand entrance.

Press pass in-hand, I head down to front stage ("the pit") to grab some prime shots of the band. The famous grumbling tone rumbles the stage and energizes the audience for what's to come... "ALL RIGHT PITTSBURGH..." (you know the rest!)

As KISS cranks out one hit after another, I weave in and out of the aisles to find various perspectives to capture some great photos (and quite probably, singing along with every tune - I'm a big KISS fan too!). I look around and am amazed at how far-reaching the fan base truly is.

KISS ARMY, you've never looked better! See you down the road...

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