December 2006 Q&A with Tommy Thayer!

Dec 01, 2006 | Posted in Q & A Archives

December 2006

Question 1: Gene stated in his book KISS & Makeup that there was no real place in the current market for a new KISS album and that it would take an "earth shattering event" to get back into the studio. That was in 2001, do you feel that this is still the case, and/or has there ever been discussions about the possibility of a new KISS album in recent years?
- Lee Walker, Brisbane, Australia

Answer: As far as I know, there has not been any discussion of making a new KISS studio record. It's a very good question and I've personally got tons of e-mails like yours asking the same question. I hope it happens sometime!

Question 2: Out of all the members in the band, who do you get along with most (Peter Criss included)?
- Andrew, Birmingham, Alabama

Answer: I've always gotten along quite well with Gene, Paul and Eric, as well as Bruce, Ace, Eric Carr and Peter Criss.

Question 3: I am a huge KISS fan, I have one question: What will be on KISSOLOGY Vol. 2?
- Christian Jetzinger, Weisskirchen, Austria

Answer: KISSOLOGY Vol. 2 will be packed with just as many vintage KISS performance gems as Vol. 1. I can't reveal too much detail yet, but I promise it's gonna kick ass!