JUNE 2004 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Jun 01, 2004 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 Do you sometimes forget where you are when you are onstage? Like in the middle of a solo, your eyes are shut, you open then and, WHAM I am in KISS!" -- Kristina Williams, Akron, Ohio

ANSWER: Yeah that's actually happened! It was last year and we were playing in New York. I had to pinch my ass for a second I was thinking, "OH MAN, I'm onstage in makeup and costume at the historic Madison Square Garden! I am flailing through Black Diamond in KISS!"

Question #2 I am sure you are tired of being asked about wearing Spaceman makeup but was there any consideration to create anything new? Even for a minute? -- Joey Jancewski, Auburndale, Florida

ANSWER: No not at all. It's fair for people to ask the question but if you really think about it, why change something about KISS that is so traditionally classic? I consider it an honor to wear the space makeup and I'll always do so with a high level of integrity.

Question #3 What is the next album going to be like? I loved your work as a ghost on Psycho Circus! -- Quint Garciaparra, Mexico City, Mexico

ANSWER: Presently there are no plans to record a new KISS record, but if and when we did, it will be a killer, I assure you that. Psycho Circus was a great record that had it's moments in the classic KISS sense, but it could be bettered.