AUGUST 2004 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Aug 01, 2004 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 What is your favorite KISS song that you haven't played or at least know that KISS has never played live before? -- Justin Kilco, Chatsworth, California

ANSWER: I've always liked "Love Her All I Can" for starters. It's a song that KISS has never played live, but would be cool to do. I tried to talk the guys into doing "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" earlier this year, but it never came to fruition!

Question #2 Who has your old job now that you are the Spaceman? Who sorts old KISS photo files, manages the tour, etc? -- Wesley Newton, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

ANSWER: We have a great road manager now, but I have to tell you we went through a string of three or four in an attempt to find the right guy. It's not an easy job!

Question #3 I recently saw the band for the second time with you on stage. The first time around, I thought I was watching Ace, I really did. This time you were undeniably your own man. Was the evolution natural? - - Harold Allen, New Castle, Pennsylvania

ANSWER: Like anything you do, over time you get more comfortable and confident with it. I'm nearing the two and a half year mark as lead guitarist of KISS and I'll continue to work hard at taking it to the next level!