SEPTEMBER 2004 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Sep 01, 2004 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 In West Palm Beach, FL on July 27, 2004 Paul didn't participate in playing "I Love It Loud" or "Unholy"... How come? -- Craig Galason, Peoria, Illinois

ANSWER: I only remember him not playing on "Unholy." Paul, Eric and I usually take a breather during Gene's bass solo that precedes "Unholy." That night was very hot and Paul was feeling a bit lightheaded and I think he decided to rest for just a few more minutes during "Unholy." Props to Paul because the next song, "I Was Made.." he was flying out over the crowd without hesitation.

Question #2 In Oz someone said you attempted to play "The Oath" and "I" following "Calling Dr. Love".... Why only in Oz? -- Annie Brooks, Hamburg, MN

ANSWER: We were messing around with a whole lot of different songs during soundchecks for fun. Those songs from The Elder weren't performed in an actual concert, just at several soundchecks in the afternoon.

Question #3 The odds of getting every musician that was ever on a KISS album together to make a kick ass release for today would be a million to one. However, aren't there leftover, unfinished tracks, demos, etc, from all eras, enough to put together a dozen songs, tweaked by the NEW Space Man, NEW Cat Man... We are dying here for new stuff... -- Karen Jeske, Townsville, QLD, Australia

ANSWER: Those are all interesting ideas (demos, etc), but at the end of the day that's not fresh and new. If the new lineup recorded I'm know it would be spectacular. Thanks for asking and you never know what the future might bring!

Question #4 Is it true you were offered the gig because Bruce refused to wear the makeup? If not, why wasn't he asked to? I am more than thrilled with you as a KISS member, but wasn't there a little bit of consideration to bring Bruce back? -- Randy Elmore, Tampa, Florida

ANSWER: Bruce is a stellar guitarist and good friend. I'm sure he could answer those questions much better than I.

Question #5 Can you tell me exactly what kind of guitar you play, what kind of pickups are on it and what strings you prefer? Do you change your own strings anymore? Probably not, eh? -- Chris Tucker, Danville, California

ANSWER: The guitars are Gibson Les Paul 'Classic' Sunburst reissues made in Nashville at the Gibson Custom shop. They're basically new versions of 1958-60 era Les Pauls and I have four or five on the road with me. The strings are Ernie Ball at 11- 52 gauge and the pick-ups are Gibson 498s. And yes, I still change strings occasionally, although we have guys on the road that specialize in that!