NOVEMBER 2004 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Nov 01, 2004 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 Do you play any other instruments? - - Eric Martin, Erie, Pennsylvania

ANSWER: Yes, when I was 11 years old I began playing saxophone in band class at school. I continued until I was a senior in high school, and to be honest I lost interest in sax in favor of my electric guitar. I've been know to bang on the drums and bass guitar occasionally too.

Question #2 The surprise wedding show you did with Eric and Paul sounds like a dream! So, that means you two rehearsed those new songs. Does that also mean you are part of Paul's solo tour group? Who will be on bass? Jean Beauvior? That would be a hot band! - - Andrea Steinhauser, Flint, MI

ANSWER: Paul, Eric and I did an impromptu jam for a good friend of Paul's surprise birthday at a local Hollywood club. Sometimes these kind of things are the most fun because they're just spontaneous. We picked a couple great Led Zeppelin and Free tunes for the occasion and rocked the house (of course). BTW, this had nothing to do with Paul's solo stuff.

Question #3 What has Tommy Thayer been up to since the tour ended? - - Gerald Harolds, Ft Leonard Wood Army Base

ANSWER: I like to stay busy, I'm not much of a sit around type guy at all. I've been enjoying some time off at home and still getting out and traveling leisurely a bit too. Work-wise, I've been getting busier lately on the forthcoming KISS DVD project.

Question #4 Where have your travels taken you this past month off? - - Autumn K, Ihanktonwan, South Dakota

ANSWER: I spent the last week of October in one of my favorite towns, Dallas, TX visiting friends. I went to a great Halloween party (dressed as Marc Antony) at an amazing Italian restaurant/jazz club owned by friends of mine, called Terilli's.