DECEMBER 2004 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Dec 01, 2004 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 Do you as a guitarist find that KISS songs have a limited amount of room for solo improvisation? - - Orfeo Mark, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

ANSWER: No, I actually like memorable guitar solos, the kind that you can hum and remember. I've never liked it when a guitarist doesn't hold true to the original guitar parts that are signature to the way a song was written and recorded in the first place.

Question #2 I was wondering if Tommy has ever been approached to be a guest at a KISS expo, and would it be something he would consider doing in the future, if time allowed. - - Barbara Urban, Villa Hills, Kentucky

ANSWER: I have been asked to, but I haven't any plans to be a guest at a KISS Expo.

Question #3 Tommy, can you describe your relationship with the other band members? Is your relationship mostly business with one, friendship or musicianship with another? - - Debbie Beverley, Waynesboro, VA

ANSWER: My relationship with the guys is professional. Although I have to say that we all enjoy time together whether it's on the road traveling, off days, or even getting together occasionally in town for dinner or an event when we're not touring.