MARCH 2005 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Mar 01, 2005 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 If you were to have a choice for listening to one of the following, what would it be: techno, hip-hop, latino style? - - Armida Gil, Laredo, Texas

ANSWER: The great thing about music is that there's so much different stuff out there. I like to listen to literally everything, as long as it touches the right nerve. Hip-hop is cool; the thing I like about rappers is their attitude and edginess (and) great beats that the ladies like to dance to.

Question #2 Have you had any weird experiences with female fans that you can share? Stalkers? Women fainting when they meet you? Shaking uncontrollably? - - Armida Gil, Laredo, Texas

ANSWER: I can only say that I've met some amazing female fans along the way, maybe a little shaking goin' on here and there. Most all fans are cool, considerate and make me proud to be with them.

Question #3 If you were considering to produce a new band, what would you look for in that band? - - Armida Gil, Laredo, Texas

ANSWER: Star appeal above and beyond. These days you need to have it all; great songs, a look, a great voice or instrumentalist but most importantly, tons of charisma and the ability to capture a crowd from the stage.