MAY 2005 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

May 01, 2005 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 What are your thoughts on KISS being given the cold shoulder by the Hall of Fame? -- Linda La Rosa, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ANSWER: Haven't thought much about it. KISS has never been the critics or the industry "insiders" choice, KISS is the band of the people. KISS has been warmly embraced by millions of fans for over 30 years and that's all that matters.

Question #2 How often do you practice chords, solos, etc, alone? Is it at home? -- Dave Bennett, Tulsa, Oklahoma

ANSWER: I still practice! Actually when we get closer to a tour I practice more but it's really like riding a bike. I've been playing KISS songs ever since I started playing guitar in 1974, so they're well ingrained.

Question #3 Tell us something you suggested to Gene or Paul about the stage show that they changed because it was a good idea? -- Bobby Fowler, Reno, Nevada

ANSWER: There might have been something, but I honestly don't recall.

Question #4 I heard you saw Warrant last week with Jaime St James singing. How did it go? -- Michelle James, Thousand Oaks, California

ANSWER: These guys are very good friends and they rocked it up at House Of Blues in Hollywood last week, and as always, it was good fun.