September 2005 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Sep 01, 2005 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 Gene has said KISS will take 2 years off and Paul is planning a solo tour, what will you do specificly with that long off? -- John Johnson, Hopkins, MN

ANSWER: I'm always busy. Believe it or not, if KISS isn't on tour there's still plenty to do in the KISS camp.

Question #2 Ted Nugent is out playing a few gigs, are you two working on anything together at the moment? Do you have a funny Ted story to tell? -- Raven Faix, Antioch, CA

ANSWER: Ted and I have been friends for a long time. I remember one night years ago when Ted picked me up in his rental car and took me for a wild ride through the streets of Los Angeles. He started with what he called a "Rockford" (as in the TV show The Rockford Files) where he starts out in reverse quickly picking up speed to probably 50-60 mph and then doing a full 180 without losing any speed and continuing on forward. Then we drove through Laurel Canyon insanely fast at about 80 mph, quickly stopping to shoot and kill a coyote that he spotted. After that we went shopping cart hunting in the Ralphs supermarket parking lot with the rental car. I'm quite sure Ted took full collision/damage waiver on the rental.

Question #3 I saw Gene's School of Rock on VH1 - What's your opinion/perception of this? You must think Gene is silly some times! -- Helen Sherlock, Verbena, AL

ANSWER: I saw a part of the first episode and it was very good!