October 2005 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Oct 01, 2005 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 What is better, a good agent or a good manager as a band starting out can't always afford both? -- Scott Farina, Boca Ratan, FL

ANSWER: Time and time again I see starting bands or artists focusing on things like managers, agents, record company contacts etc., and forgetting about the ONLY thing that is really important: How good you are! Believe me, if your band is truly great and you write amazing songs - every manager, agent and record company in the world will be on your doorstep fast.

Question #2 What were the guitar setups you used for KISS SYMPHONY? I keep trying to figure out the acoustic gear, but i'm not able to. -- Billy R., Lake Worth, FL

ANSWER: I used a Gibson Chet Atkins semi-hollow body guitar in black. We didn't use acoustic amps, instead plugging in "direct" to the sound system so that all settings for tone and volume are controlled by the house and monitor engineers.