January 2006 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Jan 01, 2006 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 Tommy, after reading the story about how you were able to help that Oregon grade school by getting band equipment donated to them I was curious about what it was like actually going there to the school and seeing the faces of those kids as the instruments were presented? Will you be attending any of their concerts when you're in Oregon? Thank You. -- Debbie Beverley, Waynesboro, Virginia

ANSWER: I was impressed by what a great school WL Henry is, they're doing a fantastic job. There was a lot of excitement during the presentation and the entire school attended. Those kids were great! They are going to have a real school band now.

Question #2 What is the difference between the Aerosmith you toured with last year and the Aerosmith that Black N Blue toured with back in the day? -- Joanne Prince, Brooklyn, NY

ANSWER: They were the same legendary band, even better now.

Question #3 Hi Tommy! First I just want to say that the Rock The Nation DVD is amazing! It was great to relive last year's show! I know that you were a big part of the Convention Tour, so what is the scoop with the N.Y. concert (7-30-05) being advertised to take place at 2 different venues- Park Central Hotel & Roseland Ballroom? I have seen official posters pop up on ebay once in a while with both listings! Also, I saw one that was blank where the cities are normally listed! What were they used for? How rare are both of the venue posters? Thanks! -- Stan Tetreault, Groveton, New Hampshire

ANSWER: Stan, THAT is a good question! We originally had the New York Convention booked at the Park Central Hotel Ballroom in NYC, but changed it to the Roseland because we needed more space.