June 2006 Q&A With Tommy Thayer!

Jun 01, 2006 | Posted in Q & A Archives

Question #1 Would you ever consider doing a one-off with Black 'N Blue if it were for a charity benefit? -- Teri Nelsen, Sheridan, OR

ANSWER: We did a charity event a couple years ago for a very close friend, who is afflicted with the terrible disease ALS. His name is Jeff Young and he's the most incredible person I know. We will do more to help Jeff.

Question #2 Have any guitar companies approached you yet to make a signature guitar? -- Anthony Johnson, Richlands, VA

ANSWER: Yes, but I'm completely happy with Gibson Guitars, which make some of the best instruments in the world.

Question #3 What (so far) has been your favorite moment in KISS? -- Barney Baker, Athens, OH

ANSWER: It might have been the recent VH1 Rock Honors concert in Las Vegas.