April 2007 Q&A with Tommy Thayer

Apr 07, 2007 | Posted in Q & A Archives

April 2007

Question 1: Do you and Ace ever speak or even have a friendship at any level?
- Billy Hahn, Bradford, IL

Answer: I last saw Ace at the VH1 Rock Honors show in Las Vegas last year, and it was an honor for me to be there alongside one of my biggest influences on guitar. As I got to know him during the last ten years, we had a lot of great (and crazy) times on the road. Ace has always been a good guy and very funny.

Question 2: Hey Tommy I am a new KISS fan and I am from India. I thought u rock and you're one of my fav guitarists. I was wondering when u guys will come to India and if u do, plz come to Hyderabad. Man, could u give me some tips in playing the guitar like u? Thanx!
- Rahul, Hyderabad, India

Answer: We get tons of mail and inquiries about when are we going to do a full-scale tour again, not only from KISS fans in the US, but from all over the world! I know KISS will tour again at some point. It's great that rock and roll and music in general permeates and infuses everyone, everywhere on this planet; it's truly the universal language.

Question 3: Hey Tommy, I think your guitar skills are awesome and I just wanted to know if you ever got lessons when you were a kid? I am 13 and my mates and I love KISS, so we are starting a band and learning how to play all of KISS's songs. Thanks Tommy.
- Ryan Kelly, Melbourne, Australia

Answer: I did get lessons for a short period of time, but I realized that I had more fun figuring out songs on my own. I had a cassette player and I would play and rewind songs, and licks, and guitar parts over and over until I figured out what they were doing. I remember the first guitar lead part I figured out was "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers.