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This is where Tommy addresses real questions from real people. Fans are the foundation to a musician's success and Tommy hasn't forgotten what it is like to have once been a fan himself. He has decided to answer a few questions a month. Not all submissions will be used, but we will sort through them all!

February 2010

QUESTION 1: Hello, I am trying to get advice for my little brother. He is 18 and very talented when it comes to music and playing. He taught himself how to play guitar, drums, and piano. He can listen to a song on the radio and usually within a couple hours he can play the entire song on his guitar. My question is what would you suggest he do to actually have some sort of chance at making it with his music? He lives in Astoria, Oregon, and I am sure you know how small that place is. I would hate to see his talent be lost due to not being able to find away to show anyone what he can do. By the way, I have read what you and KISS has done for kids and music programs and the support for the military, and I for one am very greatfull for what you do. Thank you, CHRIS JONES, Hammond, OR

ANSWER: I always tell people that want to make it in music be prepared to work hard for a long time to make things happen. There are no short-cuts. There's no rules. Effort = Success. Good luck!

QUESTION 2: Hi Tommy, My name is Travis from Australia. I am 14 years old and I was added to your Facebook page, but when I sent you messages and stuff like that you don't reply, so I was wondering if you could write back to me on Facebook. I am a big fan and I love playing guitar and I know some of your songs. I have been playing for two years and I'm pretty good at it. Please write back TRAVIS STRACHAN, San Remo, NSW Australia

ANSWER: Travis, I'm glad you wrote. I don't have an official Facebook page. There are some pages that fans have set up which is cool, but remember it's not me, so I won't be writing you back from that! Good luck playing guitar, I'll see you on the big stage in a couple years!

QUESTION 3: When are you going to start singing "When Lightning Strikes" in concert. LOVE IT! See you soon, KEVIN COOMBS, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

ANSWER: I probably will sometime. The hard part is for us to decide what songs to play because there are so many great ones. On the Alive 35 tour we couldn't play too many new songs from Sonic Boom because we'd have to take out a "classic" to do it. We wanted to take that slowly so we played "Modern Day Delilah" and "Say Yeah" which both rocked. Gene's got some killer stuff to do too. You'll hear more SB tunes in concert this year. See you on the road!

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